The Virus that put a Pause – Corona Virus

The Virus that put a Pause.

Does this thought strike you; that may be all that is happening for its own good. Not the best for mankind but in terms of Nature. Couple of months back there were many post floating across social media regarding Climate Change, Global Warming, Dirty Sea Shores etc. and yet we never took a step to take care for the same. It never occurred to us that it’s important for us to save the Earth as we have to live here, there is no other place for us to go. 

We never reacted on the situation seriously; but COVID-19 forced us to. A small yet dangerous Virus that can just spread by touching forced us to isolate ourselves, forced us to stay at home and take care of our loved ones which somewhere down the earth people forgot to do. The outbreak that happened in CHINA is ruling the world, it’s a sign telling us that NATURE is taking things back under her control. The game were we thought we are winning threw a twist where we are at a lockdown which is in benefit of the mankind.

Couple of days’ back INDIA had a #JANTACURFEW in India where everyone, 133 crore Indians were locked in their houses just to protect them from so called Ruler of the World “COVID-19”. Everything was stopped for a day and the way people reacted for the same was just awestruck. 

During this Janta Curfew, it made me realize how all the beautiful voices were buried under the noise of vehicles, loud speakers etc. It made me realize then that there are birds chirp, trees swing and whoosh, cat’s meow, dogs bark, crickets noise etc. Various parts of the world saw decrease in pollution, clean rivers etc. And all this was achieved by us staying at home. It’s us staying at home that has helped Mother Earth heal herself.

Some may thing that COVID-19 has turned out to be a curse for mankind, but ask yourself a question is it really? Cause from where I see it its allowing you to spend time with your family which was lost. And of course it’s definitely helping Mother Earth to heal herself from all the pain caused to her. A mistake done by China, to help the Mother Earth

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. 

-The Girl with Curlss

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