Charubala Nikitesh Bhadade – Saviour

A Solider who is fighting against Corona each passing day to Save others from getting infected.

She is a Department head of Water supply and Sanitation at Nagarpalika.

So her Morning Begins at 6.30 am, Morning starts as usual, after doing her morning chores, she leaves for work around 8 am.
It takes her around an hour or so to reach the office.

Being a Sanitation department head her job is to take care about the sanitation. Her day in office begins by sanitizing roads, putting awareness flex, going door to door spreading awareness about CORONA, also to take action against people who is not do not agree with her.

Its her job to keep the people under her Nagarpalika safe by risking her life each passing day

So Guys Stay aware. Maintain distance. Support our Beloved People who are working tirelessly to save our life’s, endangering there’s.

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